The Vivid Vision

The following is our Invest In Sqft Podcast 2026: Vivid Vision.

Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so everyone has clarity on what we’re building now. It’s a detailed overview of what the podcast and associated community and events will look like, act like, and feel like three years out—by December 31st, 2026. Sharing it with others helps it become a reality for all of us..

Invest In Sqft Community Member Description: Invest in Sqft is the premier network for ambitious business operators and investors in the physical and digital business worlds. Our community is a dynamic blend of successful business operators and savvy investors who share a common passion for the real estate landscape. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment where members can learn, grow, and thrive.

To join, businesses should either have a minimum annual revenue of $2.5 million or have raised that amount for your business. This ensures that our members are committed to significant growth and investment. We believe in the power of a close-knit community.

As members, we are united by our commitment to scaling physical businesses and digital businesses, then investing in the best real estate opportunities that our collective group of fund managers uncovers to build our net worth together

Our members understand that true growth comes from learning from one another. They embrace the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations, share experiences, and mentor those at smaller companies who are looking to make an impact in their markets. So that together we can pool our investments to earn better returns.

Within our community, we provide ongoing support through various channels. Members have access to exclusive Slack channel content, including recordings of key discussions and a private forum.

Monthly live Q&A sessions via Zoom, led by fellow members and experts, offer personalized attention to address challenges and celebrate successes so they can continue to grow their companies and investment potential.

What it looks like

"At 'Invest In Sqft,' we make it simple and engaging. We host monthly online events, where you can learn, network, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs and investors. Plus, twice a year, we offer optional in-person gatherings for those who enjoy face-to-face interactions in amazing locations. But it doesn't stop there. Between events, our community stays connected through our exclusive private Slack channel and regular Zoom meetings. We're all about building connections and growing together, ensuring a seamless experience for our members.

Join us for a straightforward and supportive community!"

World Class Content

At 'Invest In Sqft,' we pride ourselves on offering diverse and engaging content to support your growth in the world of business.

Our content comes in various forms:

Member-to-Member Learning Breakouts: Our community thrives on peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Engage in member-to-member learning sessions, where you can tap into the expertise of fellow entrepreneurs and investors.
Small Group Workshops: Dive deep into specific topics through our small group workshops, designed to provide practical insights and actionable strategies.Informal Networking Time: We value the power of informal connections.
Join us for casual networking sessions where you can build relationships and expand your network.
10-Minute Talks: Members have the opportunity to showcase their expertise in 10-minute talks, sharing insights from their own areas of expertise. It's a platform to inspire and educate others.
Guest Speakers: We bring in industry experts as guest speakers to provide invaluable insights and knowledge on various aspects of physical business operations and investment.

Whether you prefer peer-to-peer learning, interactive workshops, casual networking, or expert-led sessions, our content is designed to cater to your diverse learning needs. At 'Invest In Sqft,' we're committed to providing a rich learning experience tailored to your growth in business and net worth.

Our Vision:

We operate the meetings in a confidential environment that allows everyone to feel comfortable truly sharing and opening up with each other.

Members give presentations to the group on areas where they feel stuck and receive in-depth feedback and experience sharing from other members. 

We work through a variety of forms, worksheets, and exercises to encourage members to be introspective, grow themselves as leaders, and grow their companies’ revenue, profitability, customer engagement, and employee culture.

We have amazingly deep discussions as a group at all events. And we frequently share tips for members in the private Slack group, as well as upload 10-minute talks into our private Members app so they can share the content with their company’s employees and never miss a beat.

We frequently interview our member companies on the podcast as well. This gives you the unique opportunity to showcase your expertise, broaden exposure, achieve influencer status, and increase traffic to your business.

The content from the Invest In Sqft events covers a variety of core topics, including:

Strategic Thinking & Planning: Gaining clarity around vision Operations & Execution: Transforming ideas into reality

People & Processes: Recruiting,Interviewing, Selection, Topgrading, Onboarding, Handcuffing A-Players, & Offboarding
World-Class Culture: Cultivating anamazing workplace culture that attracts employees & clients like a magnet
Technology Tools: Leveraging & streamlining people and processes
Leadership & Skill Development:Increasing confidence & capabilities
Meetings That Don’t Suck: Running highly effective, impactful meetings
■ Attracting & growing a Unique Ability team

■And more...

Our events

In 2026, our monthly meetings at 'Invest In Sqft' will be a blend of excitement and fun. These gatherings are not just about business; they're about building a sense of community and having a good time together. While we'll certainly discuss our thrilling vision for the future, we'll also spice things up with offline activities that bring us closer. These activities will add a touch of enjoyment to our meetings, making them a unique and memorable experience. It's a chance to connect, recharge, and have a great time while shaping the future of our businesses

Benefits and community

From the very beginning, we made a promise to our members: attend for a year, and you'll leave with ideas that are worth at least 10 times your investment, whether in savings or new revenue. The interesting part? No one has ever asked for their money back.

Our member net promoter score consistently hovers around a remarkable +70% for every event.

How do we achieve this extraordinary result? Well, we've created over 50 accountability groups, with an impressive 75% of our members actively participating. These groups not only motivate each other but also hold one another accountable throughout the year, turning ideas into action.

Our members no longer feel alone; you've found 'your tribe' where you can learn, grow, and excel.

While our events provide valuable one-on-one interaction with me, our greatest asset is the peer-to-peer learning that takes place. Members gain immense value from each other's experiences and insights. You've discovered a supportive community where you no longer have to waste time attending generic CEO events that don't cater specifically to their needs. This is your unique tribe, and you are thriving."


"At 'Invest In Sqft,' we've cultivated a unique culture that our members truly cherish. It's a culture that values the importance of taking a step back, allowing our members to slow down, reflect, plan, and focus on both personal and business growth without the daily distractions that business life often brings.

Our dedicated onsite film and audio teams capture valuable content during our meetings, ensuring that offline and online Invest in Sqft members have continuous opportunities to learn and revisit our discussions between events.

Our culture is centered around concentrated personal and business development. We are all united by a shared commitment to grow ourselves and our companies in an environment built on openness and trust.

Here, we embrace vulnerability as a strength, freely sharing our fears, insecurities, weaknesses, dreams, desires, and goals with one another. For the first time, we've found unwavering support from our peers, creating a sense of belonging as operators. We take our growth seriously, but we also know how to have fun while we work.

We extend our support to each other beyond our meetings, providing an extra layer of accountability and encouragement to help each member succeed in their growth initiatives. This is the 'Invest In Sqft' culture, where personal and professional growth thrives in an atmosphere of camaraderie and commitment."Marketing

At Invest In Sqft, we take immense pride in our innovative approach to finding exceptional members.

Our marketing strategy goes beyond just acquiring leads; it's about providing value to business operators both before and after they become part of our community.

Our website showcases the impressive statistics of our current member companies, complete with detailed member profiles and glowing testimonials.

But we don't stop there. Our marketing engine runs on autopilot across multiple channels, including Facebook, other social media platforms, magazine ads, direct mail, and LinkedIn.

We even have re-targeting strategies in place, ensuring that prospective members consistently encounter our presence, even before they make a decision to join.

Our podcast and newsletter columns are sources of credibility, enabling us to attract increasingly influential members and companies to the group.

We've garnered significant attention in the press with features about our program, our exceptional members, and our accomplished team.

What's truly special is that 30% of our new members come to us through referrals from CEOs who encourage one another to have their teams join Invest in Sqft our marketing isn't just about numbers; it's about forging meaningful connections and attracting the best talent to our community."Our Team

At the heart of our dynamic and rapidly expanding team lies a collective spirit of self-driven individuals who are passionate about our mission and take immense pride in what we do.

What sets us apart is our commitment to invest in our net worth together to create a massive ripple effect in other endeavors that our members now have resources to participate in,

Within our ranks, we're privileged to have exceptional leaders overseeing marketing, sales, social media, operations, technology, and finance, complemented by a global network of freelancers who enhance our capabilities.

Our team meetings are not only productive but also infused with a sense of fun, and we gather regularly to align our strategies on a quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis.

Our secret to success lies in our laser-focused dashboards, which keep us on track in the most critical areas of our business. This unwavering focus enables us to continually attract new members, curate top-tier content, and empower countless members to nurture their people, cultivate outstanding cultures, and boost profits, making a meaningful impact in the world of business and using our business vehicles to invest in real estate together to grow our collective net worth.

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